Club Idaho Volleyball Camp 2019

June 10-12

All Skills & Setting/Libero Camp

June 10-12

9:00 am to 4:00 pm



Three FULL days of serious fun and hard-core learning! Some things we’ll be doing:

  • Core strength Training

  • Master Fundamentals

  • Perfect technique

  • Play at the end of camp

My camps are VERY hands-on! I spend most of the camp teaching many of the skills, techniques and fundamentals I learned as a successful player. I was fortunate to play for some of the top coaches in the world - and I want to share what I learned from them – with YOU.

In my own coaching, I’ve sought to perfect what my coaches taught me, refined by my experience as a successful player to craft methods of teaching volleyball skills and fundamentals that, I believe, can help any volleyball player be a better, more aware and more driven player.

I’m excited to share what I know with you so you can add to what the excellent instruction you’re receiving from your coaches, and ultimately have even more fun and success playing volleyball!

Be sure to bring your own lunch, snacks, work-out clothes and athletic shoes, and a water bottle.

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To Register…

Mail a check to:

Club Idaho, PO Box 525

Eagle, Idaho 83616


Q. Does the camp include instruction, or just open play?

A. The only open play is at the end of the camp. The majority of the camp is core strengthening, learning skills and techniques and then practicing them. No time is wasted!


Q. Who actually runs the camp?

A. Me! I do have an assistant, depending on the number of players in the camp, but I demonstrate the skills and techniques, I teach the core drills and I watch and correct players as they practice what they’re learning. Sometimes my voice gets a little hoarse by the end, but it’s worth it!


Q. How much time is spent sitting and listening?

A. Not much, really. Once I explain and demonstrate a skill, it’s up and at ’em! My camp athletes finish each day pretty tired from all the work! In fact, I encourage you to come to camp in pretty good physical condition so you can keep up.


Q. Will the camp make me a better player?

A. It all depends on how much you’re willing to put into it. Most every coach I do a camp for comments later on how much better the girls are playing. Every coach has their techniques and skills they teach, and by combining their coaching with different ideas or approaches from other coaches, players equip themselves with more tools for success. But like any coaching, it’s only when a player incorporates what the coach is teaching that a player improves!


Q. I’m an advanced player. Is the camp too basic for me?

A. Definitely not. You might be surprised to know that the techniques I teach in my camps are many of the very same techniques taught by Olympic and Division I coaches to the best volleyball players in the country. If you are an advanced player, we can work on perfecting the finer details of your form and technique - the very same thing I did every day coaching the Youth and Junior National teams and our players at University of Nebraska, and worked on myself as a player.


Contact me at 402-540-9007, or use the form to the right to send me an email!

Volleyball Recruiting

Play volleyball in college!

At the end of camp, I will be presenting some brief information about my volleyball recruiting services with American College Connection (ACC). As the Director of Volleyball Operations with ACC since 1998, I have helped athletes navigate the challenging, complex road to playing volleyball in college.

As one parent put it, I am a personal concierge in the recruiting process. Here is, in summary, what I offer:

  • I work with the athlete and her parents until she graduates from college
  • You have unlimited access to me via email or phone, or maybe I am doing a camp in your area and we get to meet in person
  • I review and analyze your game footage and talk with you about your level of play and college goals to determine the schools we will pursue together
  • Together, you and ACC build an online profile with video highlights and full game footage to share with coaches (you send me the video and we do the work)
  • I send a Letter of Recommendation, with a link to your online profile and video, to college coaches we select together
  • You get FREE online ACT prep classes from John Baylor, a Stanford graduate
  • You receive insider recruiting tips from ACC
  • I assist you with Life Skills training as needed to help you succeed on the court and in the classroom

I invite you to stay after camp to learn tips and insights about college recruiting. And please, bring any questions you have. I look forward to talking with you!

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