Volleyball Trip to Italy

One of my favorite pics from Italy. This little boy kept saying “Cheese!” behind us as we took selfies, so I went over and posed with him! So adorable!

This summer has been a pretty crazy busy summer but it sure was an awesome summer, to say the least! I ran a total of 11 camps, with one of those being in Cesanatico, Italy. That was such a great experience for the girls to not only train at a high level, get some positional training and compete in a tourney, but they were able to experience the Italian culture as well. Pizza and gelato! The bike ride to the gym every day was pretty sweet!

Fortunately, my son, Kaipo (Fresh), was able to travel with me to most of my camps and I enjoyed not only his company, but his volleyball experience and ability. I thoroughly enjoyed my repeat camps in Idaho, Vegas and Kansas, and seeing those familiar faces of coaches and athletes. And I also enjoyed the new camps I had this summer, in Idaho, California and McCook, and meeting new coaches and new athletes.


I loved having Kaipo help at my camps!

I’m grateful for the effort that the kiddos put forth at my camps! They are not easy camps. They train hard! I place a strong emphasis on my athletes becoming aware of their bodies, so that they control their bodies, so that they can control the ball and get better faster! That’s what is important to me. So thanks for pushing through the soreness and fatigue with me and always trying to do things right.

I can’t wait to get back in your gym next summer and work with you all again… 🙂


Keep Smiling!