The Art of Setting DVD

Whether you have a beginning or advanced setter, this is the most current volleyball setting DVD every coach needs in their office! This 2-hour volleyball DVD is split into three sections. Two sections are strictly for setters, and the bonus 3rd section includes training for the entire volleyball team. That’s two full hours packed with teaching and training for just $79 (including S&H)

Part 1 - Teaching, the Art of Setting, One on One. In this section, I provide 46 minutes of detailed instruction on how to teach and train your setter, one on one.
Part 2 - Drills, drills and more drills! I give you 42 minutes of a variety of drills that you can train with as few or as many setters as you have in the gym.
Part 3 - a BONUS section with 28 minutes of team warm-ups that will improve flexibility, body awareness, core strength, total body strength and ball handling in your athletes. Are you tired of telling your athletes to attack the ball over the net instead of send a free ball? I will show you a drill that will teach all your players to put up a high, hittable ball when you’re out of the system - which is a high percentage of our game.
I’ve spent much of my life training and playing as a volleyball setter, and coaching at Nebraska and for USA Volleyball. I’ve learned so much from my coaches, fellow coaches, my own playing experience and my coaching life. This DVD will teach you the skills and techniques required to be a competent setter, and an overall better player at any position. - Charlene Johnson Whitted

Get two hours of professional volleyball instruction on one video DVD from one of the country’s most successful athletes and coaches - for only $79!

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